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If you subscribe to Sound&Vision, Stereophile or another sonically oriented trade magazine, you've no doubt seen the word 'audiophile' bandied about by every writer who offers descriptions of high end speaker cables. Audiophile 101 The English ddictionary defines an audiophile as someone who is extremely interested in high-fidelity sound reproduction. Values cherished by the audiophile include all phases of musical reproduction, including the initial recording and production processes. Typically, the audiophile enjoys playback in a private or residential setting with superior acoustics and exceptional audio equipment. One goal of the audiophile is to bring home the experience of a live a musical performance.


Are you an audiophile? Here's how to know 1. Do you own a pair of headphones that are worth more than $500? This factor alone may be enough to determine whether or not one is a true audiophile. The free “ear buds” that came with your iPod do not qualify you as an audiophile, explain sound experts at MakeUseOf magazine. Some folks who truly appreciate superior sound reproduction don't think twice about shelling out nearly two grand for a pair of Sennheiser HD 800 S reference headphones. 2. Can you hear the difference in high-end speaker cables? Scientifically speaking, the quality of cable does make a difference in the way your speakers sound. Most people are not acutely aware of this difference. Nonetheless, the receiver, amplifier, cables and speakers work together to create a circuit. The better the components in the circuit, the higher fidelity the sound. Makes sense? It will, if you are a true audiophile. 3. Do you buy vinyl? Audiophiles around the globe prefer to listen to vinyl recordings through high end speaker cables. Why? Vinyl records sound better than an MP3 ever could. Digital is the norm for compressed files that are shared over the Internet, but that's not the best way to take advantage of your high end speaker cables. Warmer, of course, but vinyl is also a truly loss-less format. This means that when you hear a vinyl record, you hear exactly what the producer or band intended. 4. Do you notice the acoustics of a room? An orchestra conductor with a highly trained ear may be able to walk into a room, clap their hands once and know whether or not the room is right for performance or recording. 5. Do your speakers hold a place of honor? Well-placed speakers can make a good recording sound even better. Conversely, ill-placed speakers can grate upon the ears. If you've spent thousands on great speakers, don't trust them to anything but the best high end speaker cables from Wireworld. It doesn't matter if you have perfect pitch. You can still learn to be a great musician. The same idea is valid regarding your home stereo system. You don't have to be an audiophile to appreciate high end speaker cables. To order today, call Worldwide Cable Technology at 954-474-4464.



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