Shielded Mains Cords Can Improve Sound Quality

Leslie Day

by David Salz, Wireworld President Mains power conditioners are now considered to be essential components in high quality home theater installations. However, the benefits of home theater power conditioning are seriously compromised when the power...

Sound System Cables

Sara Flaaten

Despite conflicting opinions on the value of high-end audio cables, science is now backing up the performance claims of some audiophile cable brands. Two studies from professor Milind Kunchur of the University of South Carolina...

Highest Quality HDMI Cable

Sara Flaaten

If you're looking for the Ultra High Speed HDMI cable highest level of sound quality on the market today, then you need to check out the Platinum Starlight 48, engineered by Wireworld Cable Technology. To...

High Quality AV Cables

Sara Flaaten
For anyone who owns a quality home theater or music system, upgrading to higher-quality AV cables can make movies and music far more enjoyable.