Despite conflicting opinions on the value of high-end audio cables, science is now backing up the performance claims of some audiophile cable brands. Two studies from professor Milind Kunchur of the University of South Carolina include double-blind listening tests and measured proof that a high-end interconnect cable originally designed by Wireworld President David Salz, clearly improves sound quality. Links to those studies follow:

and .

Wireworld cables will significantly enhance the quality of your sound systems. At Wireworld Cable Technology, we engineer all of our cables and components from start to finish with the goal of exceeding industry standards. We use better materials, better technology, and we have the most objective testing methodology in the world, which enables our cables to closely match the perfection of a direct connection. Our slogan ‘Engineered for Reality’ accurately describes the process we use to create the most lifelike sounding cables available.

We are often asked for recommendations on choosing the right cables for all kinds of sound systems. Wireworld Cable Technology produces cables for a very wide range of systems and budgets. When shopping for cables and components, many consumers get caught up in meaningless marketing hype surrounding famous cable brands and specifications that do not relate directly to sound engineering or improved sound quality. For example, many people have been led to believe that heavier gauge speaker cables and power cords with lower AWG (American Wire Gauge) numbers are better than thinner cables, when the opposite is often true.

Wireworld Cable Technology produces an extremely wide range of cables in lengths to suit nearly all specific sound system cabling needs. Wireworld sound system cables increase performance through superior engineering that materials designed to perform at their best for many years. Wireworld cables integrate smoothly into any system currently in existence as well as any system that might come in the future. Your favorite cables should stay the test of time. In line with this principle, we also offer interchangeable spades and bananas for the sake of simplicity when it comes to changing connectors. The innovative designs and premium materials used in all of our products will provide users with durability and quality that will last years into the future.

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