If you're looking for the Ultra High Speed HDMI cable highest level of sound quality on the market today, then you need to check out the Platinum Starlight 48, engineered by Wireworld Cable Technology. To begin with, Platinum Starlight 48 is the only HDMI cable with carbon fiber plugs. These superior connectors feature silver-clad contacts for the lowest loss and quietest connections of any HDMI cable in the world. The cable itself is an elegant flat design that follows in the footsteps of the world’s first flat HDMI cables pioneered by Wireworld in 2006. The flat cable structure has several benefits, including superior isolation of the signal path from the power conductor for increased signal purity. Platinum Starlight 48’s signal conductors are solid silver, the most conductive metal, which maximizes the benefits of Wireworld’s exclusive Uni-Path internal design and ultra-quiet COMPOSILEX 3 insulation. The combination of these unique features enables Platinum Starlight 48 to clearly outperform all other HDMI cables in both sound quality and visual performance.

Wireworld also produces two lower priced HDMI cables using the superior Uni-Path design. The Sphere 48 provide some of the same benefits as Platinum Starlight 48 and it sells for the price of HDMI cables that use generic design and materials. However, the ultra-quiet combination of the Uni-Path design and COMPOSILEX 3 insulation enable Sphere 48 to produce sound quality with greater clarity, smoothness and dynamic contrasts than those standard designs. To experience these benefits, simply replace one of the HDMI cables from a source in your home theater system with a Sphere 48 and play a familiar song or movie. In most systems, the sound will become distinctly cleaner and more lifelike with the Sphere 48. These valuable improvements are created by the superior ability of Wireworld HDMI cables to prevent noise from mixing with the signal.

Silver Sphere 48 is the upgraded model above Sphere 48, which adds silver to the oxygen-free copper conductors for even higher performance. It is important to note that the addition of silver only increases efficiency and it does not fix the basic problems of the generic HDMI cable design. Wireworld’s Uni-path design and COMPOSILEX 3 insulation are so effective at reducing the real causes of interference in cables, that Sphere 48 clearly outperforms more expensive competitors with silver-plated conductors. Another important consideration for conductors is directionality. Wireworld cables feature conductors that are refined through our Grain Optimization process, which maximizes their performance when the signal flows in the direction of the arrows marked on the cables and plugs.

Of course, many skeptics doubt that an upgrade to the highest quality HDMI cables can make real improvements in sound or image quality. We actually agree with those skeptics to some extent, because many cables that are sold as upgrades have little to no benefit. Simply changing from standard copper to oxygen-free copper or adding silver to the generic HDMI cable design can make slight changes to the sound, but the only way to make substantial improvements is to fix the problems that are degrading the sound in the first place. In HDMI and other digital cables that meet the standard specifications, those problems are caused by noise. Wireworld’s proprietary Uni-Path design and COMPOSILEX 3 insulation are the most effective solutions to those losses and that is why these cables provide sound quality that most closely approaches the ultimate purity of a direct connection.

It would be great if you always get what you pay for with audio and video cables, but that’s often not the case. Better materials cost more, but getting the most from those materials requires better engineering, which is rare in this world of copycat products. Wireworld’s expertise in objective listening tests (see US Patent 5,740,255) and in developing innovative designs that maximize real world performance, has enabled us to create the highest quality HDMI cables in the world.

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