For anyone who owns a quality home theater or music system, upgrading to higher-quality AV cables can make movies and music far more enjoyable. While there will always be skeptics who insist that high-end cables are not worth the money, owners of the best systems usually swear by them. This cohort includes some of the world’s leading audio engineers like Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound Mastering, who uses Wireworld cables for many of his most critical connections. Likewise, Bobby Owsinsky, the leading author of audio engineering  textbooks use and endorse Wireworld cables. We encourage you to experience the Wireworld difference for yourself. Fortunately, we have developed a variety of high-quality AV cables for every home theatre need and budget. All of our cables are designed with the finest materials and beautiful craftsmanship. Beyond the issues of materials and craftmanship, better engineering is what enables Wireworld to provide the highest value among the many brands of audio and video cables.

Putting a Cable Upgrade into Proper Perspective, using poorly engineered cables on your high-end entertainment system is the equivalent of putting cheap tires on a Lamborghini. It will still run, but the handling will compromised by the weakened grip on the road. If you bought a Lamborghini, you would likely only use tires of the highest quality. Since everything you see and hear on your stereo or home theater system will travel through your cables, you can rightly consider the cables to be the "tires" of your entertainment system. If you have a great system, use great cables.

How will Wireworld’s high-quality AV cables improve my sound? Your audio and video cables carry the signal information from the sources to the components of your system. Cheap and poorly engineered cables, especially in long runs, will unquestionably cause a loss of information between the source and your system. The result will be less than optimal quality of sound, to put it lightly. To get the most 3-dimensional sound and video, you need to invest in your cables. While it is true that many expensive cables that are just upgraded generic designs that make minor improvements, Wireworld cables are custom engineered to provide superior value. You will find that Wireworld cables will reveal details and nuances you never knew existed in your favorite songs.

What About Video? Even when watching videos, you will notice a significant improvements with our cables. As with audio, you will notice a greater sense of depth and image clarity you never expected to see. That is because Wireworld’s ultra-quiet COMPOSILEX insulation reduces the amount of noise mixing with the signal. Upgrading your HDMI cables from other brands to Wireworld will reduce video noise, which adds contrast and richness of color that you couldn't imagine until you see it. Using a Wireworld cables on your ultra-high definition home theater system will improve your viewing and listening experience. Even a low-budget system can be considerably improved with Wireworld cables. Just remember, if you're driving a Lamborghini, buy the right tires.

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