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If you're looking for the highest quality HDMI cable on the market today, then you need to check out the Platinum Starlight 7, engineered by Wireworld Cable Technology. The Platinum Starlight 7 is made with carbon fiber plugs with HD-Grip, silver + gold plating and Composilex 2 insulation. Made with 24 solid silver conductors at the 23AWG thickness, the Platinum Starlight 7 delivers 18Gbps to 7 meters. That's fast! Debunking the Debunkers Of course, many skeptics doubt that better cables make a difference regarding HDMI quality. Such cable upgrade critics seem to operate from two common standpoints: 1. There are some who seek to validate to themselves, and to anyone who will listen, that spending more money on high-end cables is a waste. These individuals are often biased because of their budget limitations or preconceived notions. This type of cable upgrade skeptic seeks only to convince others to see things his/her way and doesn't seek to form an honest, informed opinion about quality/pricey cables. 2. There are those who attempt to debunk the effectiveness of pricey HDMI cables for the sake of consumer protection. These skeptics are concerned that consumers are being overcharged, or the skeptic is selling lower-end cables and wants to convince his audience to buy his cheaper products instead of buying someone else's expensive products. Therefore, the skeptic tells his audience that they will get the same quality for less money if they buy from him/her or their affiliate. Both types of skeptics have one thing in common; they leave out some important points that can't be legitimately disputed or overlooked.


Better Cables Cost More Because They're Better First, there's the principle that proves true in all tenses; you get what you pay for. To suggest that all cables are the same or that a $100 cable will give you anywhere near the same quality as a $1,000 cable is misleading. Then again, it depends on the manufacturer. Many cable manufacturers and retailers sell inferior cables made with inferior materials at marked up prices. At Wireworld Cable Technology, what you see is what you get. We use the best materials and technology along with the best protocols in all of our cable designs. Be Careful Who You Do Business With At Wireworld Cable Technology, we manufacture and sell our own patented cables. The Platinum Starlight 7 is by far the highest quality HDMI cable available, and we've got the reviews to support that claim. When you purchase from us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're getting nothing but the best from the industry's best. On the other hand, many cable retailers buy their cables from China or some third-world country for pennies on the dollar and then sell the cables at astronomical prices. This is especially true with Internet-based cable retailers. The only thing good you're getting is a fancy design on the cable casing. All of our cables are certified and can rest assured if we charge more it's because we put more into the design of the cable. Our cable designs will enhance your HDMI viewing experience threefold.



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