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For audiophiles, having high-quality AV cables, such as the ones manufactured by Wireworld Cable Technology, is essential for high-quality stereo and home theatre systems. Many skeptics insist that high-end cables are for suckers, implying that cable upgrades are scams and provide no real value. Cable upgrade critics are usually doing nothing more than trying to validate their own biases against spending more money on cables to themselves and to anyone who will listen when making such bold and unfounded statements. Regardless of what anyone says, the proof is in the science and in the cables we engineer. We encourage you to experience the Wireworld difference for yourself. Fortunately, we have developed a variety of high-quality AV cables for every home theatre need and budget. All of our cables are designed with the finest materials and beautiful craftsmanship. But the question remains; are good cables worth the investment?


Putting a Cable Upgrade into Proper Perspective To put it in perspective, using cheap AV cables on your high-end entertainment system is the equivalent of buying a Lamborghini and filling it with cheap gas. It will still run, but its performance will not be optimal. If you bought a Lamborghini, you would likely only use premium gas. Since everything you see and hear on your stereo or home theatre system will travel through your AV cables, you can rightly consider the cables to be the "gas" of your entertainment system. If you have a premium system, use premium cables. How Will High-Quality AV Cables Affect My Audio? Your AV cables send information from the original audio/video files to your home system. Having poor quality cables, especially in long runs, will unquestionably cause a loss of information between the source and your system. The result will be less than optimal quality of sound, to put it lightly. To get full, 3-dimensional sound and video, you need to invest in your cables. You will find that having the right cables will reveal details and nuances you never knew existed in your favorite songs.


What About Video? Even when watching videos, you will notice a significant difference with our cables. As with audio, you will pick up the smallest details and picture clarity you never expected to see. Upgrading your AV cables from the garden variety kind will eliminate video noise, fix any edge damage, and add depth and color that you couldn't imagine. Using an HDMI cable on an HD set will make all the difference in the world concerning your viewing experience. How to Make Sure You Won't Regret Your Purchase If you have a low or medium-budget entertainment system, buying a thousand dollar cable is not the right choice for you. However, if your setup is worth thousands of dollars, a more expensive cable makes perfect sense. The key is proportionality. Even a low-budget system can be considerably improved with quality cables. Just remember, if you're driving a Lamborghini, use only premium gas.



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