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Everything You Need to Know About HiFi Cables One question we hear every day is, “Does Hi-Fi even exist anymore?” You bet it does. To make sure we explain it properly, Worldwide Cable Technology turned to the Urban Dictionary for a definition. Also known as 'high fidelity' or hi-fi, the sound technology arose during the mid 20th century to denote high quality albeit monaural music players. Once stereo became the standard, the term hi-fi fell out of common usage. Today, the word hi-fi may be used by audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts to denote the difference between high-end sound systems and schlock. Back in the 1950s, hifi cables were used to connect record players, amplifiers and speakers. When someone said they wanted to hear the hifi, they meant they intended to sit around and play vinyl records.


Today, hifi cables and modern hi-fi gear are used to send signals to and from digital audio tape (DAT) recorders and HD radio tuners. Some modern hifi equipment connects via fibre optic cables and serial bus ports. Lossless FLAC files and WMA Lossless files are best heard through top shelf hifi cables from Worldwide Cable Technology. What sort of hifi cables do you need today? No matter what kind of audio cable you're looking for, you are sure to find it right here in our online catalog. Hifi cables are our speciality, and we're pleased to present a splendid selection of cables utilizing our multiple patents like DNA HELIX. Tell us what sort of sound gear or home entertainment system you have, and our sound experts will help you choose the hifi cables that suit your purposes perfectly. Stream 8 cables from DNA HELIX are a nice, affordable speaker cable that offers plenty of punch without a big price tag. Punchier than many cables twice its size, Stream 8 hifi cables are the industry leader in sanely priced stereo wires. If you want flat speaker cable that's super easy to conceal, go for 16 gauge Flexi-Flat Horizon wires, which is designed specifically to run under carpets and rugs. Dime-thin and a mere 10mm wide, Horizon flat hi-fi speaker cables are flexible enough to hide under rugs and behind moldings.


Good sound is good sound, right? Wrong. Movies and music require different signal capacity. Modern films typically come with dialog mixed to the center and a nearly unlimited scope of soft-to-loud dynamics. Multi-channel is the norm with modern movies, and only a great hifi system can present room-shaking bass effects as the director intended. Most modern music, on the other hand (or ear) is not multi-channel. Stereo is what buyers expect, and that's what they typically get from a digital recording. Dynamic compression can be a tricky thing to manage. For this and other reasons, it's always a good idea to go with the best hifi cable that suits your particular system. Ready to know more about hi-fi products? Contact Worldwide Cable Technology at 954-474-4464 or send a fax to 954-474-4414



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