Getting the maximum sound out of your speakers requires not only purchasing great speakers but also selecting the best components, including the best speaker cable for your speakers. One could argue that having the right speaker cable is just as important as having the right speakers. One of the fundamental concerns for home theater buffs, both novice and veteran alike, is electrical impedance. Impedance is a measure of how much a speaker will resist electrical current. Selecting the right speaker cable makes all the difference in this regard. Understanding Impedance Too little power flowing to the speaker will make your lovely new speakers sound like you pulled them fresh out of the dumpster.


Every speaker has an impedance rating which is measured in Ohms. You might already be familiar with Ohms if you're into shopping for headphones. However, free-standing speakers have a much lower impedance rating than headphones since speakers need more current to drive them. Most speakers are rated between just 6-8 ohms. Therefore, additional impedance introduced through improper cable usage can impede speaker performance significantly. Finding the Best Speaker Cable for Your Setup When purchasing speaker cables, it's best if you already know which kind of speaker cables you need. Fortunately, this process is easy. While it's true that consumers can be bedazzled and befuddled by eccentric marketing hype, the important aspects regarding your speaker cables are straight-forward and easy to understand. The most important thing you can know about your speaker cable is length and width. The longer your wire is, the less the quality of sound will be when it reaches the speaker. Think of your speaker cable as a water pipe. Just as it is easier to push water through a short, fat water pipe than it is a long, skinny water pipe, so too it is easier to drive electrical current through a short, thick wire than it is through a long, thin wire. Paying attention to this detail is essential for any speaker's performance, especially for higher end speakers with impedance ratings of 4 ohms or less.

Buy the Best Speaker Cable at Wireworld Cable Technology If you're trying to install something in a very large room or want any surround sound setup, it's important to know the gauge of the cable you are using. The gauge is a standard measurement of thickness that can be a little confusing to novice DIY home audio buffs. Just remember, with cable gauge, the smaller the number, the thicker the wire. Be sure to do your research before you purchase your cable. When you are ready to purchase the best speaker cable for your sound system, Wireworld Technology has you covered with a range of speaker cables that will enhance your speaker quality dramatically, including our patented Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable, Silver Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable, Gold Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable, and our Platinum Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable. This family of speaker cables is designed with DNA HELIX technology and deliver unparalleled sound that you will love for years to come.

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