If you're going to be a pro singer, always use the best microphone cables you can get your hands on. The investment will pay off in happier audiences who don't walk out because your cables are feeding back. There are other reasons to use great microphone cords, of course. Here are some of them. The better the links in your audio chain, the better your sound. This sonic principle applies whether you're setting up a suburban home entertainment center, a hi-fi system in a dorm room or singing in a rock 'n' roll band. Wireworld is proud of our reputation for designing, testing and manufacturing the best microphone cables around. Our proprietary DNA HELIX cable technology comprises flat conductors layered to transmit electromagnetic signals with more efficiency than typical twisted pair sound cables. Insulated with Composilex 3, our mic cables offer a dramatic reduction in tribo-electric noise. Patented DNA HELIX cable design delivers intense tone with practically no interference. Improved shielding means less noise every time you sing. When balanced analog, digital and XLR mic cable is what you're looking for, always come back to Wireworld.

NAMM honors The National Association of Music Merchants presented Wireworld with the honorable Milestone Award in January 2017. NAMM CEO, Joe Lamond explained that the award was given to commemorate 25 years of service in the music products industry. Lamond extolled Wireworld's remarkable growth from a three-person startup to the internationally recognized brand it is today. Founded in 1992 with sound fidelity as its business objective, Wireworld patented the Cable Comparator cable testing system in 1998. We took years to get it right, and we understand that you've spent time honing your musical craft. Our dedication to sound and your love of performance can combine to create beautiful music when you opt to invest in the best microphone cables from Wireworld.

Products to watch *Oasis mic and analog patch cable: Super flexible and oh-so quiet, Oasis Tri DNA HELIX mic cable transmits sonic dynamics and details you might not expect from such an affordable cable. If cost is a concern, Oasis may be the best microphone cables within your budget. *Equinox mic and analog patch cable: This mic cable is the evolutionary upgrade of the Oasis design. Copper conductors and sonic transparency are just two of the reasons pros say these are the best microphone cables. *Luna AES cable: Compact and flexible, Tri DNA HELIX design cable offers 110-ohm balanced impedance for superior digital fidelity and exceptional analog sound. Luna cable also comes in short lengths with TT plugs to be used in patch bays. In the realm of sound, your signal can only be as strong as the weakest link. Don't try to move sound through inferior cables when it's so easy to order Wireworld cable online. The mic cable you use says a lot about your professionalism. Cheap cables don't send the right message. Always use the best microphone cables you can afford. Ready to know more? Browse our professional instrument cables online or call Worldwide Cable Technology at (954)474-4464.

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