When seeking the best, durable, high performance, yet affordable HDMI cables, wireworld cable technology has the best to offer. With a wide range of high quality, tested and unique HDMI cables available in sleek, flat and flexible high definition designs, wireworld cable technology undoubtedly tops as the leading manufacturers of high definition audio friendly devices. These HDMI cables come with extremely new designs with upgraded features, the first of its kind to hit the market in the United States. It comes in different models, each with its unique specifications and range of prices to suit your wallet. This unique technology is guaranteed to be fast and enhance efficient video and audio transmission between devices, and can surely be trusted to produce clear sounds and visuals, thanks to wireworld's DNA helix cable designs. With this modern innovation, music can now be enjoyed without the constant contrast or random signal breakages. This enables music lovers to truly experience and feels the joy of music without missing a single detail.

This DNA helix feature in the HDMI cables is unique to wireworld's HDMI cable technologies only having been patented in 2013. Transmission of audios and videos have been made easier no matter the HDMI compliant source device being used. Wireworld's existing out of the box products and top merchandise that meets specific needs ranges from the conventional everyday HDMI cables to the less common HDMI adapters and repeaters. There is just a lot to choose from. Some of the available top models of HDMI cables and similar products include the chroma 7 HDMI cables which feature a flat, symmetrical design with heavy 24 gauge Oxygen-free copper conductors to enhance better image display and sonic precision. The Starlite 7 HDMI cable is another awesome model and boasts of twice as many signal conductors than found in HDMI cables of other brands, also included is a conductor material made of silver plated oxygen free copper and an H.D grip plug for a more secure connection as well as other unique features.

The HDMI repeater is another over the edge device by Wireworld Cable Technology. It does not require an external power source for its operation but operates using its power and is compatible with a large variety of computer resolutions like the Video Graphics Array (VGA). Also available is the ultraviolet 7 HDMI cable. If what you need is a blasting, energy packed listening and viewing experience with an ultramodern, ultra sleek, symmetrical design; ultraviolet 7 is just the product for you. The Island 7 HDMI cable is an upgrade of the Island 5.2 and Island 6. Being a new entry-level HDMI cable for audio and video experience, it is surprisingly affordable, flexible with an amazing performance. It comes with a flat, symmetrical design and a 28AWG gauge. Other products on the list include the HDMI female to HDMI female adapter with a brilliant outlook, the HDMI female to DVI male adapter, the HDMI male to DVI female adapter, HDMI angled adapters, all featuring gold over silver contacts. For the best high definition HDMI cables, Wireworld Cable Technology has got you covered. Get value for your money.

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