The optical digital audio connection system commonly referred to as the Toslink standard was first introduced by Toshiba in 1983. Since that time, the sound quality and capability of Toslink interfaces has have improved considerably, but most Toslink cables have not changed at all. As one of the first companies to recognize the need for better Toslink cables, Wireworld Cable Technology made serious efforts in developing the best fiber optic cables that truly maximize the sound quality of optical digital connections.

Nowadays, speculations have been made on whether or not optical digital or HDMI cables one is better than the other for sound quality in an audio system, sound bar or receiver connection especially as they both transmit digital audio between devices. However, HDMI cables have gained more popularity than the fiber optic audio cable due to their dual ability to transmit both video and audio signals of high resolution, while Toslink cables can only transmit audio. However, there are undeniably situations where HDMI connections are either not option due to the makeup of the system or device in use. To avoid compromising sound quality in those situations, Wireworld Cable Technology created Supernova 7, the best fiber optic audio cable available and Nova Toslink, the best value in popularly priced optical digital cables. These cables are guaranteed to produce the refined sound quality that is comparable to that of excellent HDMI cables.

Wireworld's optical digital audio cables utilize the best fiber optic materials for the transmission of digital music signals from one device to another. This trusted cable technology is easily one of the most user-friendly home entertainment devices. Furthermore, these optical digital audio cables by Wireworld cable technology were produced with the most advanced of materials and manufacturing techniques to guarantee superior quality and performance. Music lovers can now experience the most natural sound for many hours without issues from listener fatigue caused by harshness, noise or ground loop hums. These designs provide enhanced flexibility while improving the ability to hear the finest sonic details that make live music so enjoyable.

Wireworld’s ability to provide such smooth and detailed sound is not surprising, as this cable company has over 25 years of experience in audiophile cable design and production. Let's take a quick look at some of Wireworld's available Toslink cables and the descriptions of their unique upgrade features. The Nova Toslink is a monofilament design with a solid acrylic conductor that is finely polished for improved sound quality without unwanted interference or interruptions. Can you beat that?

If you’re impressed with the superior clarity of the Wireworld Nova Toslink cable, you will simply be blown away by the extremely detailed and dynamic sound of the Supernova 7 cable. The optical conductor in this custom engineered fiber optic audio cable has 338 strands of super-transparent borosilicate glass. Furthermore, the ends of this superior optical conductor are painstakingly micro-polished to maximize light transmission. This model is a perfect combination of sophistication and practicality with guaranteed durability. The Supernova 7 is extremely easy to use and offers the best musical experience of any existing fiber optic digital audio cable.

Visit Wireworld cable technology online store today to get an assortment of the best optical cables for audiophiles, as well as cable technology devices for the best musical experience. Live in the moment.

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