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Wireworld Cable Technology makes the best audio ethernet cables on the market today, as demonstrated by our Platinum Starlight Twinax Ethernet Cable. Wireworld has been engineering the industry's best digital audio cables for years, with more than 25 years in business to date. Throughout the past three decades, we've become one of the most reliable and most respected cable engineering companies in the world. Because we're not a cable marketing company, but rather a cable engineering company, we patent and create our own cables to do what we think they should. Platinum Starlight Twinax Ethernet Cables from Worldwide Cable Technology our Twinax ethernet cable is a revolutionary, proprietary, brand new way of transmitting data over ethernet cables. This cable is ready to 40 gigs per second at up to 50 meters, which makes these the highest speed ethernet cable available today. How did we achieve this breakthrough? Partially, with a combination of cable topology, state-of-the-art cable construction, and triple shield design.


There's nothing like it Experience the Difference for Yourself The first thing you'll probably notice when you hold the Starlight Platinum Twinax is that it is a flat cable and not round like conventional ethernet cables. Compared to its rivals, the Platinum Starlight stands out for being super fast. Here's the scoop on the other ethernet cable speeds: Cat 2: 4 Mbps Cat 3: 10 Mbps Cat 5: 100 Mbps Cat 6: 1 Gbps Cat 7: 10 Gbps Cat 8: 40 Gbps- that's super fast!!! Digital is Lossy To begin with, people need to dispell the mistaken notion that is prevalent regarding digital not being lossy because it's ones and zeros. When we send digital signals through a cable and depend on ones and zeros getting to the end (if we're saving a file), we know it will get there. That's because there is an error correction system that resends anything that's missing on the first send. From this, we learn that error correction is necessary, and not all of the information always gets through on the first send. That's why we often have to resend. Whenever we stream music through ethernet or USB, the error correction is not in play. Whatever is sent on the first send is all of the sounds you're going to hear. Hence, any garden variety ethernet cable will not suffice. Unlike when you save a file, there is no error correction with audio. The argument about ones and zeros making everything go through a cable is wrong just based on the definitions.


When you listen to streamed audio through different digital cables; if you change the cables, you will notice that you've changed the sound. Therefore, what you need is a cable that lets you hear the most sound possible. If the transmission worked perfectly, the audio would sound the same as the file sounded before it went through the cable. This is the background upon which we developed the Platinum Starlight Twinax ethernet cable, the fastest and best ethernet cables in the world.



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