Wireworld Cable creates the best digital audio cables through concise and objective listening tests. Our patented DNA HELIX cable technology lets music lovers enjoy themselves without fear of distorted sounds or losing sound altogether. Our objective fidelity tests showed that Wireworld Series 8 cables performed more transparently than any other audio cable system. Wireworld Series 8 cables are better at preserving natural tones, spatial issues, and dynamics. Our cables have premium shielding to isolate noise. Our motto at Wireworld Cable is ‘engineered for reality.’ We have been doing this since the 1990s. Learn more about different digital audio cable types we offer. Platinum Starlight 8 USB 2.0 Solid silver is the conductor material in this cable with 24 karat gold plated plugs with carbon fiber shells. Thanks to improvements made on the original Platinum USB; you will get improved vividness and focus.

Starlight 8 USB 2.0 The Uni-Path design of this cable will offer you higher fidelity than more expensive cables. It also contains three times more silver than our Ultraviolet cables, giving you richer sound quality and more three-dimensional traits. This cable is more economical for the average consumer than other audio cables.

Ultraviolet 8 USB 2.0 This audio cable is made with less silver than the Starlight 8 USB which makes it cost less and a great option for anyone with a tight budget. But do not be suspicious because of the low price. The sound quality of this audio cable is excellent.

Chroma USB 2.0 This audio cable will improve sound purity thanks to a noise absorbing power conductor.  Silver Starlight 8 Digital Audio This audio cable offers optimum clarity, three-dimensional focus and contrasting dynamics. All thanks to the silver-clad copper strands.  Ultraviolet Digital Audio The silver-plated conductors in this audio cable will give you smooth sound and 3-dimensional imaging. The coaxial design of this audio cable will provide you with stronger electrical signals that cannot be radiated or mix with adjacent components. Chroma Digital Audio The sound quality of this audio cable is excellent thanks to our special Gold-Tube RCA plugs and our oxygen free copper conductors. This audio cable is very affordable for a top notch audiophile cable.

Supernova 7 Toslink Optical This audio cable uses 338 borosilicate glass fiber optic conductors. It is also made with micro polished ends to make sure you get ultimate sound clarity. Nova Toslink Optical This audio cable reduces jittering by using a precision triple polished acrylic optical conductor. You will get high-quality digital sounds. Those are just a few of the best digital audio cables Wireworld Cable has to offer you. To find out more about how Wireworld Cable can help you call us at 954-474-4464 or email us at the address on our contact page.

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