Uni-Term™ Interchangeable Spade & Banana Plugs

Speakers and components may come and go, but your favorite cables should be able to move with your ever changing system — hassle free.

Interchangeable spades and bananas in Silver-clad OFC or Silver+Gold plated OFC, make it easy to change connectors to suit your evolving needs. Wireworld's Uni-Term interchangeable plugs are convenient, fast and well-constructed with premium materials.

All Wireworld speaker cables come standard with Uni-Term spade or banana plug connectors.

Spades are universal fitting 6.3mm and 9mm posts and smaller straight 1/4 inch. 

Exchange parts are spade or banana plugs only. Complete part includes socket, set screw and spade or banana.

NOTE: Universal spades can be soldered directly without use of socket; 1/4 inch spades are optional crimpable.

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