Power Cord IEC & Wall Plugs

Silver-clad IEC (PCSVRIEC) and Silver-clad US socket plug (PCSVRUS) feature silver-clad copper alloy contacts and are most commonly used as upgrade plugs for the Stratus 7, Aurora 7, Electra 7 and Silver Electra 7 power conditioning cords. 

OCC®-7N Silver-Clad Copper IEC (PCOCCIEC) and OCC-7N Silver-Clad Copper US socket plug (PCOCCUS) feature Ohno® Continuous Cast 7N Silver-Clad Copper contacts and are most commonly used on Wireworld's Platinum Electra Power Conditioning Cord. This plug comes standard when ordering a Platinum Electra Power Conditioning Cord, but can also be used as an upgrade to all flat Wireworld power cables.

Items are single units. Can be used as upgrade plugs on non Wireworld brand power cables as well.

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