Purchase your audiophile USB cable from Wireworld Cable Technology and experience the difference a reference quality cable can make in sound and image quality. We are committed to supplying the most technologically advanced cables, with options for digital, power, interconnect, HDMI, USB, and speaker cables. Trust us for the quality you’re looking for.

The Starlight 8 USB is a new high-quality USB audio cable that produces the most lifelike sound of any other Audiophile USB cable in its price range. Starlight 8 USB is something you truly have to hear to believe. These cables make the perfect holiday stocking stuffers. You can buy yours now or find a dealer near you. The Need for Better USB Cables: When you hear a great audio system, the first thing you'll notice is the three-dimensionality of the sound. Not only do you hear a big, open holographic soundstage, but you also hear the bodies of the instruments and vocalists within that soundstage- their flesh and bones. With an excellent sound system, the sound engages you, just like the real thing. Many of you can relate to listening to computer-based sources where the dimension is lacking. Most USB based sound systems are flat and a bit lifeless, rendering the instruments and the vocalists more 2D sounding than 3D. If you have had this experience, then you need to think about your USB cable and what it is doing to your digital files. Finding the right USB cable to Solve Your Audio Problems If you are a person who has tried many types of USB cables ranging from the garden variety to the uber expensive but still haven't found one that gives you the lifelike sound quality you're searching for, you need to try the Starlight 8 USB.

If you've experimented with different USB cables, then you likely know that each one sounds different- some better than others. The one thing you probably noticed that each cable had in common is a flatness in sound- a lack of dimension. That quality limitation is the inspiration for the Starlight 8 USB. The lack of truly musical performance in USB-based audio systems is mainly due to the lack of quality in USB cables. This is the origin of our quest to develop a high-quality USB audio cable that would deliver a truly 3-dimensional and musical sound. All of our Starlight, Chroma, Ultraviolet and Platinum Starlight USB cables feature our exclusive Uni-Path design, isolated power conductor and ultra-quiet COMPOSILEX 3 insulation, which are unmatched in their ability to minimize all forms of noise.

Wireworld Cable Technology tested many different design configurations, shielding, dielectrics, metallurgy and more. All the while, we carefully utilized our objective listening tests and learned from our observations. We built up a set of parameters that enabled us to create unique USB cables that are designed optimize the delivery of music rather than just the delivery of data. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are an engineering company and not a marketing company. Our development process creates the most effective solutions because of our expertise with objective listening tests, which enable us to identify and overcome the real issues that limit sound quality in cables.

More About the Starlight 8 USB. Audiophiles are listening to our cables and loving what they're hearing. The Starlight 8 USB sounds cleaner, quieter, more detailed, and more three-dimensional. This cable is more musical and more involving. If you want better sound from your computer-based audio system, take a listen with the Starlight 8 USB or any other Wireworld USB cable from our website. 

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