Wireworld HDMI cables use an advanced design, a newly developed active circuit and a proprietary composite insulation material to provide superior image and sound reproduction. These exclusive features ensure system compatibility while supporting the latest HDMI capabilities, including 4K/60, 8K, deep color and HDR. These cables are especially outstanding for their ability to make dramatic improvements in sound quality.

The three models in this line are Radius, Sphere and Silver Sphere. All feature Wireworld’s ultra-quiet Composilex 3 insulation, which reduces triboelectric noise to provide audio and video performance that is unmatched by other brands. The Radius cables use Oxygen-free copper conductors in the conventional triple-shielded HDMI cable design, with Composilex 3 for improved fidelity.  Sphere cables also use OFC conductors, but thanks to the Uni-Path design, they provide additional upgrades in clarity and dimensionality. Wireworld’s exclusive Uni-Path cable design reduces interference and signal loss for improved sound and image quality. The Uni-Path design also supports high speed signals over longer lengths than conventional cables.  All lengths of Radius and Sphere pass the strict DPL HDMI2.0 (18Gbps) tests.  

Silver Sphere maximizes the performance of the Uni-Path design by adding a thick layer of silver over oxygen-free copper conductors. This state-of-the-art cable also features HD-Grip locking plugs and the world’s first four-layer termination board for the ultimate in signal preservation. This cable easily supports the 48Gbps data rate required for next generation HDMI2.1 applications. Silver Sphere HDMI cables dramatically exceed the strict DPL 18Gbps standards for performance and compatibility with all HDMI2.0 features and capabilities. The cable will undergo actual HDMI2.1 (48Gbps) testing as soon as the Certified Testing Standards are published.

The HD-Bridge module in the longer length cables is a technical marvel that overcomes limitations of previous active cable solutions. With four discrete 12Gbps+ channels, the HD-Bridge bandwidth extends beyond 50Gbps. The HD-Bridge is powered by an external USB connection at the TV. The module requires less than 0.2A, so it can be powered by standard USB sockets and transformers. To improve resolution, the HD-Bridge module contains three discrete power supplies for digital video, bias voltage and DDC. HD-Bridge also includes exclusive adaptive circuitry and a DDC rise time accelerator to maximize compatibility between components.

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