Wireworld Cable Technology produces the industry's best 4K and 8K Ultra-High Speed HDMI cables, with the Platinum Starlight 48, Silver Sphere 48 and Stellar Fiber Optic at the forefront. Watching TV in Ultra high definition is great to begin with, but thanks to Wireworld HDMI cables' quality you'll enjoy an even greater viewing experience. The importance of choosing the right 4K 8K HDMI cable is often overlooked but can make or break the quality of your 4K or 8K display. Our Proud Family of 4K and 8K HDMI Cables include Platinum Starlight 8 (with carbon fiber plugs and solid silver conductors), Silver Sphere 48,  Sphere 48, Radius 48, along with the long length Stellar and Starlight 48 fiber optic cables.

Understanding the 48Gbps Ultra High Speed HDMI cable standards, we have engineered the best 4K and 8K HDMI cables to enhance your TV viewing experience. However, a better understanding of how 4K and 8K HDMI cable standards work will help you know what to look for and keep your expectations realistic. If your 4K or 8K TV is a smart TV, then it's best to use the built-in apps on the TV, such as YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, etc. By viewing media via your TV's built-in apps instead of streaming from a computer, device, or media player, you can avoid any potential compatibility issues. If you want to connect a blu-ray player or an external media player, like a Roku or FireTV, to your 4K or 8K TV, that's when things can get tricky.

When you want to play 4K or 8K HDR content from an external source, there are three things primarily that you should consider:

  1. Make sure that your TV and media player can support 4K or 8K.
  2. Make sure your TV and media player support the right versions of HDMI and HDCP1.
  3. Make sure you have an ultra high-speed HDMI cable.

Indeed, 4K and 8K can get complicated. Many people mistakenly think that if they buy a 4K or 8K TV and get a UHS HDMI cable, that everything they watch on their TV will be in 4K or 8K respectively. Sadly, that's not true. For example, cable and local broadcasts will not be displayed in 4K or 8K. A 4K or 8K TV doesn't mean that everything you watch will be 4K or 8K, it means that your TV is 4K or 8K capable. Of course, there are a lot of movies and videos you view in 4K. Using apps like YouTube, Vudu, Google Play, Netflix, UltraFlix, Amazon Instant Video, DirecTV, and Ultra HD Blu-ray, you will always be able to watch in 4K. When it comes to watching 4K or 8K content, you're going to get the best image quality by far from a Ultra HD blu-ray. You can get great image quality from these other apps and media players, but streaming 4K and 8K video is always going to be a lot more compressed than a blu-ray. You should know that not all blu-rays support 4K or 8K, and to make matters even more complicated, not all blu-rays are 4K or 8K either. This means that you need a 4K or 8K TV, a 4K or Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and a 4K or Ultra HD Blu-ray. If you are going to be streaming 4K or 8K videos from computer, device or media player to your 4K or 8K TV, make sure you choose the best 4K or 8K HDMI cable.

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