The best high-end power cords can make your music system or home theater really sing, with increased detail, image focus and dynamic impact. If you're searching for the perfect audiophile power cord, Wireworld Cable Technology is where you need to look. We are a cable manufacturer and retailer, meaning that we engineer and sell all of our own cables. Our full sized flat power cords are also unique in that they are the only high end fully shielded power cords with a CE/VDE safety certification, and we've been around for over 30 years creating the best cables known to man. Check out our customer reviews for yourself, and see what our customers are saying about our products. With over three decades in business, you can trust that we know what we're doing. We spare no expense when it comes to developing and producing our products.

Our flat power cord design is second to none, and we utilize only the highest level of materials, giving our customers the richest sound quality of any audiophile power cord. Rely on Wireworld Cable Technology to supply you with the highest quality cables for all of your audio/video needs. Choose One of Our Premium Audiophile Power Cords The Platinum Electra 7: 12 AWG OCC-7N Solid Silver conductors, Silver Electra 7: 12AWG OCC-7N Silver-clad copper conductors, Electra 7: 12AWG OCC-7N Copper, Aurora 7: 12AWG Silver-clad OFC, Status 7: 12AWG OFC, Mini-Electra with Figure 8 Plug (NEW): 15AWG OCC-7N Copper, Mini-Aurora with Figure 8 Plug (NEW): 15AWG Silver-clad OFC, Mini-Stratus with Figure 8 Plug (NEW): 15AWG OFC

Don't Believe the naysayers on the value of high-end power cords. Most listeners hear substantial differences when switching from one cord to another. Indeed, Wireworld power cords are so effective at reducing noise, that they can transform a system from merely good to clearly great. Still, with all the marketing hype and cable upgrade critics online trying to convince audiophiles that their ears are deceiving them and that there's no tangible improvement to upgrading your cables, it can be hard to appreciate how a change that appears so minor, can provide such a massive improvement. If you have experienced Wireworld power cords, then you know those critics are wrong.

The truth is that power cords and power conditioners have a considerable impact on system performance. One could strongly make the case that using standard power cords on an otherwise excellent system is wasting the true capabilities of the system. At Wireworld Cable Technology, our superior objective testing methods are revolutionizing the way people think about cable upgrades. In just about every category, our patented cables have raised the bar for excellence by leaps and bounds. Indeed, audiophiles throughout the world know that Wireworld is better. Every day, our products debunk the misconceptions that surround cable upgrades and quality. Try an audiophile power cord from Wireworld Cable Technology today. If you're not entirely satisfied with the quality, we'll refund the full cost of your purchase.

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