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Lifetime Warranty

Wireworld products are manufactured to very high standards employing the very latest manufacturing technologies and techniques. A strict quality control ensures an exemplary quality and long product life.


We are pleased to offer a Limited Life Time Warranty against manufacturing defects to the original purchaser with proof of purchase from an Authorized Wireworld Dealer.


The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage due to abuse or wear.


Due to changes to industry specifications, data rates, and resolution over time, Wireworld cables limited lifetime warranty ensures that our products perform at the level for which it was designed, and where appropriate are confirmed on the product packaging. Such products (for example HDMI cables) are not warranted to perform beyond these parameters.



Please be sure to purchase all Wireworld products from an Authorized retailer to ensure that you are buying a genuine merchandise.


Terms & Conditions of Limited Lifetime Warranty

We provide service assistance through our network of dealers throughout the US. Please contact your supplying dealer prior to contacting Wireworld.

Beware of Counterfeiters

Buying Wireworld from any dealer who is NOT authorized is a serious risk!


Wireworld Cable Technology does not replace, repair, or service counterfeit products bought from unauthorized sources.


The only guaranteed supplier of genuine Wireworld products is an Authorized Wireworld Dealer or Distributor.


Please review our Authorized Dealer Listing or call customer service (954-474-4464) to verify a dealer.


Buy with confidence. Buy Authorized.





The following dealers are blacklisted for selling counterfeit and/or unauthorized product.






The Audio Company

Raymond Karman





Hope’s Fire Online



Please note that any products purchased through eBay, Audiogon, U.S. Audio Mart or any other auction sites are not covered under our warranty unless specifically stated otherwise by Wireworld Cable Technology.




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