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Despite conflicting opinions, good sound system cables from Wireworld Cable Technology will significantly enhance the quality of sound emitting from your speakers. At Wireworld Cable Technology, we engineer all of our cables and components from start to finish with the goal to exceed industry standards. We use better materials, better technology, and we have the best in-house cable techs in the nation. That's why all of our products are superior. How to Choose the right Cables for Your Setup At Wireworld Cable Technology, we have cables for every system and every budget. To help you find the right cables, you need to understand the many terms that most non-specialists will never know. When shopping for cables and components, many inexperienced consumers get caught up in the marketing hype and jargon that cable retailers use. Keep it simple, and don't be fooled! One of the most common questions regarding sound system cables is "What does AWG stand for?" AWG is the abbreviation for American Wire Gauge. Here at Wireworld Cable Technology, we have several different lengths to choose from, enough to meet any specific sound system cabling needs.


Our patented family of industry-leading sound system cables includes: Platinum Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable: 8AWG Thickness OCC-7N Solid Silver, Gold Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable: 9AWG Thickness 4N Solid Silver, Silver Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable: 9AWG Thickness OCC-7N Silver-clad Copper, Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable: 9AWG Thickness OCC-7N Copper, Mini Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable: 13AWG Thickness OCC-7N Copper, Equinox 8 Speaker Cable: 11AWG Thickness OCC-7N Copper, Oasis 8 Speaker Cable: 11AWG Thickness OFC, Solstice 8 Speaker Cable: 13AWG Thickness Oxygen-Free Copper, Luna 8 Speaker Cable: 14AWG Thickness OFC, Helicon 16 OCC Copper Speaker Cable: 16AWG Thickness Helicon 16 OFC Speaker Cable: 16AWG Thickness Stream 8 Speaker Cable: 16AWG Thickness OFC, Horizon Speaker Cable: 16AWG Thickness OFC All of these cables make your sound system sound better by transferring as much information as possible pass from your amplifiers to your speakers. Great sound systems require great cables to achieve optimal performance. Therefore, using cheap, garden-variety cables or bell wire won't get the job done, especially if you've invested in a good kick. That's where Wireworld Cable Technology comes in. We Use DNA HELIX Technology Utilizing DNA HELIX technology and the best materials and protocols, our cable designs deliver one-of-a-kind sound system performance. DNA HELIX uses flat-layered conductors with parallel strands to prevent the 'eddy current' losses that commonly occur in conventional twisted conductors. This design has been tested and proven over and over again, and our cables will send more information to your speakers that other cables, resulting in a 3-dimensional, totally transparent sound you have to hear to believe.


We Make Sound System Cables that Increase Speaker Performance and Last for Years As technology changes at breakneck speeds, what's new today might be old next year. Sound systems are no exception to this trend. That is why Wireworld Cable Technology creates all of our cables to integrate smoothly into any system currently in existence as well as any system that might come in the future. Your favorite cables should stay the test of time. In line with this principle, we also offer interchangeable spades and bananas for the sake of simplicity when it comes to changing connectors. As with our sound system cables, all of our products are constructed with premium materials, providing users with durability and quality that will last years into the future.



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