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Green Initiative

Wireworld Cable Technology is committed to doing our part for our ecology and the betterment of the planet. Sound isn't the only thing we'd like to see getting clearer. With every Platinum cable sold, a tree will be planted to help the land and the people living on it. Thank you for choosing Wireworld. We hope you will join us and support one of these worthy environmental causes.

But Wait...There's More!


Although it is a work in progress, Wireworld is making an ongoing effort to improve our business in a more eco-friendly fashion. Paperless accounting and communications, recycling of office equipment, and making smarter choices regarding lighting, air filtration and more are just a few of the steps we've taken to work in a smarter environment. In addition, beginning in 2017 our staff will participate in environmental clean-up efforts within our local community.



All shipping boxes and packing materials are 100% recycled, and 100% recyclable. We have traded in our plastic bubble wrap for biodegradible, recyclable packing papers.



Packaging makes up the majority of our printing. Our boxes are printed in the U.S., by Southeastern Printing in Miami, Florida. Southeastern has a full sustainability work environment, including the use of vegatable based inks, water based finishes and 100% recyclable, SFI and FSI certified paper stock.





Due to the nature of our product, which is made up entirely of metal and plastic, adjustments in this area have been a little slower to come by. Many years ago we eliminated the use of Teflon in our cables due to environmental risks in the manufacturing process. Future Wireworld products will have greater flexibility, increased safety and a lower environmental impact. Our goal is to make a smarter product that is not only better for the environment, but better, period.

Reggie, one of several Wireworld south Florida staff volunteers in the 2018 International Coastal Cleanup.

David, Sara and several of Wireworld's south florida staff participate in the 2017 International Coastal Cleanup.



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