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Everyone loves to experience the best quality of sound and reproduce the best sound delivery. The audiophile interconnect is a very important component of the audio chain and makes a lot of difference to the sound delivery of your system. It is thus very much important that you avail yourself with the best interconnects so that you can enjoy a top quality sound experience.


Wireworld Cable Technology is a leading company in the perfection of audio cables. It goes a long way in achieving sound quality by carrying out objective listening tests for all its cables. These tests have been lauded by Audio Professionals all over the world who have vouched for its effectiveness. Wireworld Cable Technology share the enthusiasm of audiophiles to have a redefined listening experience and has brought about new technology and innovations to improve the experience of music enthusiasts. One of such innovations is shown in the production of the Interconnects. Interconnects are very much essential in the musical sound experience and form an important link in the audio chain.


The Wireworld Interconnects have been designed, manufactured and tested to provide you with the most beautiful sound quality and also deliver the most sonically transparent route for your musical sounds. Quality is the watchword at Wireworld Cable Technology, and it brings all this to bear in its range of Audiophile Interconnects. These interconnect have a patented DNA Helix Internal Structure which also has parallel strands in layered flat conductors. These conductors function to channel electromagnetic signal energy to be more productive than the regular coaxial and twisted pair cables. Another great feature of the Wireworld Interconnects is the presence of Composilex 3, which is a third generation composite insulation technology that also comes with lower triboelectric noise not seen in other conventional low loss insulation.


The Wireworld Series 8 Interconnects also come with upgraded designs and superior materials that bring you that perfect sound, preserves the quality of tone as well as imaging and dynamic expression. Here is a look at some of the Series 8 upgrades: PLATINUM ECLIPSE 8 INTERCONNECT This cable is perfect for elite reference systems. The Eclipse 8 comes with carbon fiber plugs that add a top-notch high technology elegance that makes the sound quality very great. With these Interconnect, the sound quality is as good as that from a direct connection. The Gold Eclipse 8 upgrade brings fine details to life and preserves the tonal colors of acoustic instruments and voices. With this upgrade, you can enjoy the superior resolution of solid silver conductors without having to compromise your body comfort and warmth.


The Silver Eclipse 8 upgrade is perfect for listeners who prefer high resolution, pristine tone quality and lifelike dynamics from high-end component systems. Other Wireworld Interconnect cables and upgrades include the Eclipse 8 Interconnect, Equinox 8, Oasis 8, Solstice 8, Luna 8, Terra 8, Nano-Platinum Eclipse Headphone Cable, which is the world’s finest cable. These cables and others in the Wireworld range of Interconnects and cables help you to discover the perfect sound that you crave. Enjoy your musical sound experience.




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